EOU Math Competition April 17

EOU Math Competition

Aimee Turrell was the regional winner placing 1st place (Math Level 3-Geometry). She received a $1,000 scholarship if she chooses to attend EOU upon graduation from high school (EOU only scholarship). For placing 1st she can also go the state exam at OSU on May 12th.  Aimee also placed second in the solve that problem and secondary event at EOU.

Madison Palmer tied for 2nd place in the regional math contest for Pre-Algebra. Madison was also second place in the math bee.

List of participants:    

Picture: (left to right)
Cody, Conor, Trevor, Casey, Nichole, Kaitlyn, Gavin, Aimee, Madison, Jacob

Team Member 1 - I Madison Palmer Grade 7  
Team Member 2 - I Jacob Finch Grade 7  
Team Member 3 - I Trevor Nichols Grade 7  
Team Member 1 - II Conor Brosnan Grade 8  
Team Member 2 - II Cody Fletcher Grade 8  
Team Member 3 - II Lexi Cutsforth Grade 9  
Team Member 1 - III Aimee Turrell Grade 10  
Team Member 1 - IV Gavin Robinson Grade 10  
Team Member 2 - IV Nicole Propheter Grade 10  
Team Member 3 - IV Casey Fletcher Grade 10  
Team Member 1 - V Kaitlyn Martin Grade 11  
  • Level I-Pre-Algebra
  • Level II-Algebra
  • Level III-Geometry
  • Level IV-Algebra 2
  • Level V-Pre-Calculus


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