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Welcome to 2018/19 New School Year.

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Thanks Jason Palmer

Welcome to 2015/16 Below is the one link to the whole year.

Sept. 30, 2015 Link Presentation

Chemistry April 8, 2014

I would like you to get a better understanding of collision theory.  Go to the link and read about some of the vocabulary on yesterday's worksheet.

Go to this link on Collision theory. Link 1

Another one on collision theory. Link 2

Rates of reactions Youtube Link 3

Equilbrium Youtube Link 4

Physical Science Link

for iPads in Class

Weather Science Link

for IPads in Class


Math 111 video resource

Math chapter 4 video update list.

Physical Science Heat Energy Video Page



March 31, 2014

Video Tesla

High Frequency Finish up from last Quarter



Video lesson for worksheet

Link to workhsheet

Link to web page with diagrams

  College Math

Geology March 31, 2014

Video Super Volcano

A look at Yellowstone Park


Math 111


Physical Science

JH Math

11/5 video

Video of Q1 Test

Worked out Problems Q1 Test

Q2 Quiz Help Lesson Help


Honors Chemistry

Integrated Science



Web Design Sample Page

April 30, 2013

7th Period:

I don't know how far you went with yesterday's worksheets and answer keys.  Please work on them if you are not completely done.  If you are done this can be a study hall.  Talk to you later.

5th Period:

J.L.-yesterday you worked on language arts you can continue if you were not done.  If you are done you can do what JB is doing. Your work will go here.

J.B-you can work on making my own pictures or think about making a web page.  Think about layout the size of pictures the theme of a project.  Please work on something so that I can help you when I get back to school. Your work will go here

3rd and 4th Video on Polar Plots. Note this video everything is written correctly but when I listen to it I did say a few things wrong such as zero divided by zero. I corrected myself zero divided by five.  Also I didn't say anything about symmetry you should notice that the graph has some symmetry and that is something you should expect from polar plots.  Call me if you have other questions or if there is a video you want me to create send me an email.

April 25, 2013

Link to Web Design Pages

April 23, 2013

5th Period-Students can finish up the April Internet Search that is listed below if they don't have that done.

For those that are done they can work on this it is a presentation software  Watch the video and then you will have to create an account in order to make a slide show.  Choose the free version.  You might work with a partner and try to install it on the computer.  I was installing while typing this so I can't give you more information right now.  (I have seen other teachers use this from different schools so it is really cool).  Also the smaller blue rectangle will allow you to create a presentation without downloading software (this might be easier).

Here is a sample created this morning. So check it out and create you own presentation.

7th Period chemistry-Watch the following videos-

During class yesterday I was putting together a slide show that I was going to complete today and present during class.  I am not at school to complete it but I do have the web site were I pulled a lot of the images that I was going to use:

First Link How Stuff Works the Battery-8 pages page 2 has two images of batters and some interesting history since the battery was believed to have been first invented in 200 BC.  What they did with them isn't known.

Video on a Battery (YoutTube)

Video on a Fuel Cell-short (YoutTube)

Video on Fuel Cells by Ballard (YoutTube)

April 11, 2013

April Internet Search 5th period Click HERE

April 3, 2013

Link to My page 01

Link to My page 02

March 18, 2013

Web Design-Please go to this site and carry out the instructions.

Chemistry Class:

Introduction to Oxidation (18 minute video) (May skip through it if students think it is to easy.)

More on Oxidation (18 minute video)

Redox Reactions (14 minute video in case you skip part of the 1st one)

Google Drive Document for Class Review PDF (12 pages)

Please watch videos and discus and write down questions.  Please leave questions with Sub.

January 16th and 17th 2013

3rd and 4th Period - Pre-calculus

Video on You Tube Vertical and Horizontal Asymptotes

Examples Video on You Tube Vertical and Horizontal Asymptotes

Video on You Tube on Graphing Rational Functions

Lots of more videos at: Math is Power 4 U to find more CTRL "F" gives you the find feature.  Type in "asymptotes" or "rational functions".

You will find more examples to watch.


April 17th 2012:

5th and 6th Period

Video #1 - Elements and Atoms 13+ minutes

Video #2- Moleculuar and Emprical Formula 16 minutes

8th Period

Video #1 - Introduction to pH and logs.  Fast forward to time index 10 minutes watch last 8 minutes.

Video #2 - More on pH and pOH. 15 minute video.





November Calculus Class:

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

November Integrated Science 6th Period (Tim):

Video #1 Air Masses dry-land cold-polar

Video #2 Global Wind System PPT polar-prevailing-trade wind

Video #3 Pressure Systems Blue High Cold-Red Low Hot Polar-Cold & Equator-Hot

Video #4 Temperature/Density Same as Pressure Blue High Cold-Red Low Hot

Video #5 Convection Current Convection Currents move Energy in the Atmosphere

Video #6 Compostion 78% N2 21 % O2 and 1% Argon and CO2 is a greenhouse gas ozone protects us from UV-Rays

Video #7 Storms Moutain-Frontal-Sea Breeze (Read Study Guides Exam Pictures in Notes)

Video #8Pressure Maps (This video was cut off at the end but everything is covered.)

 So Study your study guides.  If you don't have one maybe a friend can get theirs photocopied.

Good Luck in the test tomorrow.


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